Commercial Storage

At Allsize Storage, we always adapt our storage services to the specific needs of our business customer everyone can find the best storage solution to their space problems. We at Allsize storage offer your business a flexible and secure solution for your commercial needs.

These are amongst the many benefits you will enjoy while using our services:

  • Deliveries can be delivered to our premises without you freeing up time to be present.
  • We can unload deliveries for you, by forklift and place into your unit if required.
  • Reduced logistics cost
  • Better use of your office space and facilities
  • Better service to your customers and partners
  • Supply of forklift and pallet trucks

Companies use Allsize Storage to store:

  • Archives and files - in order to free up scarce office space
  • Seasonal and excess stock
  • Trade supplies and equipment
  • Exhibition and event equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Electronics